The Best Security Measures for Your Small Business

Your small business is your livelihood and should be protected at all costs. While the major focus in the media in recent years has been on technological security, enough cannot be said about protecting your physical products, computers and other valuables from theft. It’s not longer enough to simply trust standard deadbolt systems; business owners need to educate themselves on the best locking mechanisms and other preventative measures available on the market. Top vendors like provide a wide range of products that can ensure your investment is safe from intruders, as you learn about ways to securely set up your business.

  • Older facilities often struggle the most with physical security, often due to constrained budgets. Unfortunately, most use older buildings to house their business to save money, even though the owners are placing their valuable assets at risk in the process. You’ll need to hire a third-party vendor to assess the vulnerabilities of your building and to determine the right security measures within your budget. This may mean purchasing an expensive security system and all-new locking mechanisms, but these items are likely necessary to bulk up security measures in an older building.
  • It’s important to have a separate, secure room if you use major servers for your business. This should include a strong, windowless door with a secure lock. Only entrust top employees and technology support members with access to the room to prevent security breaches and viruses. Choose a high-quality lock, as well, to ensure your private information remains secure.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of surveillance. Even if you are only on one floor of a building, it’s important to make sure intruders and other incidents are caught on tape in case of an emergency. You need to have a record of who is entering and exiting the building at all times, and a written log book is not enough. Intruders most certainly won’t sign this document, and video is the only way to catch them in the act.
  • Keep valuables locked up at all times, and be certain that keys are only distributed to necessary employees. The less access granted to these highly sensitive areas, the more secure your valuables will be.
  • Install password protected software on all workstations, and limit access to certain online areas to avoid security breaches, viruses and other harmful intruders onto your server. This is crucial to protecting your company’s private information.

How to Improve the Sound From Your Flat Screen TV

Recent advances in electronics has provided us with flat panel TV’s with fantastic pictures. Great improvements over the old CRT (Cathode ray tube) versions. When we watch TV, we like to have good picture and good sound to match. Picture and sound “hand in hand.”

Now we got great picture… but how about the sound?… have we heard (seen) same improvement here? Sorry to say, we have not! Actually, the sound was better in the old TV’s. Why?

The simple reason is that there is no space for the good old speakers any more in the new flat TV’s. It is that simple!

Is there anything we can do about it? The answer is Yes! There are some options available to us:

Most of the new TVs are furnished with an optical digital output plug (Toslink plug) on the back. Furnished as the TV manufacturer are well aware of the sound setback of their new TV sets.

First option – accept it as is

This is the option which most of us go for. We simply accept the new situation – consciously or not. Excellent picture with “so… so” sound. The reason is that most of us simply are so impressed with our new TV that we do not pay that much attention to the sound. Or, we do not want to spend extra money on improving the sound. The TV is new, and it must be good.

Second optioninstall a soundbar

Now, if we plug in an optical (toslink) cable and rout the cable to a soundbar in front of the TV – we can get just as good sound – or even better – as compared with the old TVs.

3rd optionconnect with a sound system

If you have a music system located close to your TV – a system with speakers with an amplifier with an optical input plug, then you may run the optical cable from your TV to this amplifier. With this setup you may achieve fantastic sound! Now, if you do not have this type of music system already – this music system may cost you as much as the new TV – or even much more!

4th optionconnect with a wired headset

You may connect a good wired headset to the “line output” (3,5 mm plug) of your TV. This way you may get fantastic sound in stereo. The drawback is the cable across the floor.

5th option -connect with a wireless headset

For this option you use a headset as well. The difference is that the headset is wireless – such as a Bluetooth headset. To take advantage of this option you need to install a transmitter on the TV which connects to the optical output – or the “line output” – of your TV.

With this option you may obtain excellent sound – in stereo. Also, this option is wireless – so there will be no cable across the floor to stumble into.

Top 5 Gorgeous Garden Ideas to Choose From

For many homeowners, the garden is the reflection of their personality and creativity. For this reason, many of them exert unparalleled efforts just to make their gardens appealing to the eyes of visitors. Seeing other people smile at the view of this specific space makes them fulfilled. The complements they hear are like music to their ears. If you are striving to make your garden beautiful and impressive, here are top 5 gorgeous garden ideas to choose from.

The Edible Garden

Let your own garden be the source of fresh fruits and vegetables you can use to prepare sumptuous dishes for your family and guests. Take inspiration from the Bible’s garden where every plant is capable of producing edible parts for Adam and Eve. For the garden to be of edible theme, make sure that every shrub and trees are fruit-bearing. Plant common kinds of trees like apple, lemon, and plums. Turn your pergola and walls into one that shows how great creeping vines are. Let grapes or squash climb them. Allot a portion for common vegetables like mustard, tomatoes, and eggplants.

The Suburban Garden

The suburban garden is probably the most common garden that most homes have. This type is usually comprised of an expansive lawn, garden beds, and several annuals and perennials that maybe trees, shrubs, or herbs. To have a focus, you can have a feature shrub or tree. The mulberry is a great choice yet a small fountain can also be a good eye-catcher.

The Cottage Garden

Have you ever seen a garden that seems to grow beautifully in its wonderful abandon? This garden has a jolly mixture of bright and vivid colors of ornamental plants like roses, mums, daffodils, and tulips. Birds of paradise and morning glories are also good additions. Flowering trees such as the fire tree provides good shade while providing a good break is a small grass area where you can comfortably lay a picnic mat.

The Courtyard Garden

If your garden has plenty of spaces, then you can probably turn it into a courtyard garden. This theme is fit if you want a private place of peace among plants and flowers. Be like a bee, bird, or a butterfly as you interact with the fresh air brought by the greens and ornaments. The courtyard garden look is commonly achieved by sheltering a specific spot with trees and shrubs as if it is an entirely new world. For a summer shelter, a pergola shaded by several trees is perfect while enjoying your favorite thirst-quencher or while having a good talk with friends.

The Designer Garden

Want a garden that looks like no other? This is possible by having a designer garden. Yet, this one is achieved with the help of pros like a landscape artist. They know how to take advantage of the plants, climate, and shape of the garden area to achieve dramatic effects. Plants utilized in this type are usually limited to few varieties. There are commonly some additions to the view such as outdoor furniture.

Whatever garden style you want for your house, it is important that you always exert effort to maintain its beauty. You should always remember that a well-maintained garden is a factor that can contribute to the home’s curb appeal.